• Being vain with my lil sis Bea.
  • I do want to try some milk tea (recommend some tea shop)
  • Bought my Baboy’s Globe Tattoo Broadband.
  • Ate some cheesy chicken hotdog. YUM!
  • Researching for news article about the bombing in Cagayan De Oro,
  • Went to BPI to pay for the shipping fee.
  • Activated Sherwin’s sim so that I can text or call him anytime.
  • Received lots of packages (from my sponsors)
  • I will make 3 progress report in Technical Report Writing,
  • Had my hair trimmed with matching full bangs.
  • Didn’t attend my friend’s birthday celebration today.
  • Started reading “Cause of Death”
  • The wind started to blow even colder.



SHE BANGS! Yay got my hair trimmed yesterday at Headliners :)


Contact lenses are one of the latest trends nowadays. I conclude that it is already a part of the fashion trend not only for ladies but also for the gentlemen. Some of my friends are fond of using contact lenses and some of them have they’re own collection of contact lenses. But, I’m not into it. I mean I don’t even use contact lens and I’m afraid to try wearing one. The truth is, I didn’t tried wearing contact lens ever since. And now, there are some news regarding the bad effects of wearing contact lens which threatens me even more.
I was searching over the internet to find some online shop offering kikay stuff. I found a page named Best Selling Sparkle Doll Eyes, they are selling a wide variety of contact lenses. I browse through their page and found the certifications I need (I’m into safety my dear). They provide the certifications buyers need to know and for the safety of their shoppers. I also searched and asked some of my friends, what brand of contact lens are they using and they told me that when it some to contact lenses, they gave their trust to Sparkle Contact Lens. QUALITY APPROVED!
I received my very first pair of contact lens on Monday. I am so psyched to try wearing it. HAHA! But I don’t know how that’s why I brought my contact lens on Tuesday and asked my friend to put the contact lens in my eyes (wasn’t able to took a picture while wearing the lenses) I wore it to try if it’s comfortable. And YES IT IS VERY COMFORTABLE! I love how the Sparkle Japanese doll (brown) looks naturally perfect!
Thank you so much to BEST SELLING SPARKLE DOLL EYES! Thank you for sending me a pair of fabulous contact lens.
Contact Number: 0906-2085333


The Total Beauty Shop is an online shop which offers different beauty and whitening products. They are selling beauty products since 2009 and since then, they are earning trust from their lovely customers. Before I asked the owner to sponsor me, I checked their facebook page, photos and even the feedbacks of their customers. Upon seeing those proofs of legitimacy and the positive feedbacks given to their shop and products, I immediately sent a message. I love how the owner answered all of my queries.
Upon receiving the package (leggings, soaps and bleaching cream) on Saturday, I am so excited to try their newest product, Flawless soap and Sutla Bleaching Cream. I am using those tandems since Saturday and I’ve been receiving some compliments regarding my skin. Yay! I’m so excited to see the full blast result of the soap and the cream :)
Thank you so much The Total Beauty Shop <3
If you want to have whiter and fairer skin, visit The Total Beauty Shop’s page : THE TOTAL BEAUTY SHOP. You can also send a message: 917-256-95-44. The shop was located at: 2316 Concepcion Tarlac.