WEEKLY WISH X Patricia Cornwell and Scarpetta Series

I wish I can collect all the books written by Patricia Cornwell, specially the Scarpetta series. My “go to place” whenever I need to buy a new book is Booksale,because they sell second hand and brand new books which are pocket friendly. I already had 3 books from the series; The Body Farm, Predator and Cause of Death *my current read and I’m in the last few chapters*
My other wish is to know Patricia Cornwell personally and I hope I can have at least one autograph from her :)

Product Review X PURE Label Mask Sheet

Stress, pollution and an unhealthy diet causes the skin to dry and make it look older. The skin in our face are more sensitive than any other parts of the body. That’s  why wrinkles and other skin issues are more visible in the face. There are times that we almost forgot to rehydrate our skin because of our busy schedules *specially now that semester is almost over, Hello to FINAL EXAMS and PROJECTS*. That’s why I’m very glad when Merryluv E- shop sent me some love :)
Merryluv E- shop is an online shop selling high class and professional brands mainly of Korean beauty products. They have a wide variety of high class Korean products such as; Tony Moly, CLIO, Etude House, Renoma, Face shop, Charmzone and  Floria Whitening Basic Line.
Product Name: PURE Label Mask Sheet. I received 5 different variants of mask sheets; White, Cucumber, Green Tea, Pomegranate and Collagen.
How To Use: Place the pack in the refrigerator or soak the pack in a bowl with ice *to make it cool!* Wash your face and dry it using a face towel. Put the mask and leave it on for 15- 20 minutes. Then, you can remove the sheet and use the remaining liquid in the pack and scrub it all over the body.
Result: After removing the mask sheet, my face felt so refreshed and hydrated. It really helped in relaxing my face specially the pores. I also used the remaining liquid and put it on my neck and arms. And YAY! for the sweet scent of all the variants, the scent is not too strong to make me sneeze. It also helps in making my face smooth.
Shop at : Merryluv E- shop (FB page) Merryluv E- shop (Ebay)


18th Birthday Giveaway

This kid is turning 18 on the 19th day of October.  Instead of having a debut party, dancing with 18 boys, blowing 18 candles and receiving 18 gifts I will do the fourth in reverse! One lucky winner will receive 18 gifts!
  1. Printed Jumpsuit
  2. Hello Kitty Mouse Pad
  3. Korea Bookmark
  4. Canada Bookmark
  5. Vintage Style Envelope
  6. Yellow Green Neon Bracelet
  7. Orange Neon Bracelet
  8. Neon Kiss Print Leggings
  9. BK Scented Quick Dry Nail Polish
  10. Glow in the Dark Blue Nail Polish
"PLUS 8 more surprise gifts for One Lucky Winner <3"
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This is an international giveaway!
  1. Lustrous red lipstick and a big smile.
  2. Fall Out Boy’s new and old songs.
  3. Earning money from my online business.
  4. Helping my family in the best way I can.
  5. Having a smooth communication with my boyfriend though we’re far from each other.
  6. Finishing all the tasks given.
  7. 18th Birthday Giveaway.
  8. New sponsors and products to review.
  9. Loving my flaws.
  10. Joined  “The Happy List Blog Link Up
I went to Agdangan Quezon last night to bring the uniform of my sister. I love traveling alone though I felt dizzy because of the weather and the structure of the road.
I got there at 6:30 and started assisting my sister. She’s having a hard time fixing her outfit. She’s the usherette and one of the Master’s of Ceremony.
I took lots of photographs but the people in their place are “camera shy”. It feels awkward when you take photographs and you’ ll get the attention of everyone in the crowd. Hihi!
I got home safe and sound :) Another road trip for me! :)

Congratulate me for winning this too good and too fashionable combo from Ms. Andrea ofLips Stained Red.
I received the package on Saturday and I wear it yesterday. I love how the blazer fits with me plus the “Lady Gaga” inspired bangles. My classmates tried wearing the bangles :3
Thank you so much Ms. Andrea <3


  • Our semi final examinations started on Monday. My procrastinating powers level up. I don’t know why but I can’t cope with the lessons this term.
  • I draw this flower last night. Supposed to be, it is a sakura/ cherry blossom. Haha! It doesn’t look like a sakura
  • My boyfriend’s mother is calling me “nak/anak” Yeap! Part of the family already :3
  • I’m so bored and sleepy and hungry and I don’t know what I want to do.


Monday Madness

My eyes were aching because I’m too sleepy that’s why I will just make a short and brief post using the bullets
  • I am soo sleepy and my eyes feels so heavy.
  • We had our semi final examination in Technical Report Writing. It’s easier than our Midterms exam.
  • I have a new customer in my shop, my Logic professor :)
  • I went to the capitol to get the receipt. I already have a personalized receipt for my shop :)))
  • Jen, Reynaldo, Dante and I went to the bakery to buy some foods. When we are about to leave, I slip and there are many people who saw me :) Clumsy!
  • My eyes and head are really aching now.

Thanks God It's Friday

  • Stress free examination. I didn’t review at all that’s why it doesn’t matter to me if I will pass or fail in those two subjects :) #YOLO
  • I already received my department shirt. I have the smallest size and it really fits.
  • Our department held it’s annual crime prevention seminar.
  • I am a “tambay” in sulit.com because I want to buy a DSLR camera but I don’t have the budget to buy one :3

Freakin Stress -_-

Semi final examination causes effin stress. You know the feeling when you just want to cry with no reason at all. Yung tipong “give up” That’s what I’m feelin right now.
I’m sooo stressed and quite depressed but I’m still HAPPY AND BELIEVING THAT I CAN SURPASS THIS FEELING :)


Good Day Everyone!
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I don’t usually miss you, but when I do… I don’t know what to do.
It’s been a month since the last time we saw each other and I’m starting to miss your existence. You’ re always beside me when I’m feeling lonely. You’re giving me advise whenever I’m lost. You cheer me up when I’m sad. You make me feel loved when I hate everyone around me. My life is easier when you’re near. I don’t know why I am missing you! You’re so annoying and ugly :P
I miss you so much Sherwin :\

Bithday Plan

I’m turning 18 on October and I don’t have any plans of having a debut party. There are lots of reasons why I don’t want to celebrate my 18th birthday.
  • Hosting a party is expensive and time consuming.
  • I hate parties :) Yep! You read it right. I am an anti- social kid. I hate mingling with other people.
  • If I will invite my friends and classmates, I must prepare lots of alcoholic beverages.
  • Our house doesn’t have any space.
  • I want to celebrate my birthday with Sherwin, but he’s not here.
Instead of having a party, I’m planning to host a blog giveaway :) I want to give a gift instead of receiving: 3 Btw, thank you for the nerdy eyeglasses, got it from my sponsor: ARIANE’S CORNER PAGE

Midterms Result *confetti*

That feeling when you don’t expect that you will pass in a particular subject and when the grades was announced… you got the highest grade.
Yay! I didn’t expect that I will get 90% in Logic. But I am so happy :) My professor asked me to lead to closing prayer and he told me that he wants to reduce some points. HAHAHA!
(I forgot how to blog! IDK what’s happening to me :| )


 Last week, I received not just 1, but 4 dresses from AUER plus other freebies. I fell in love with printed clothes when I opened the parcel. AUER apparels make me want to attend a girly girl party :3 
AUER offers dresses, tops, shorts, accessories and bags for women. I personally love their wide range of patterned clothes plus the attractive color. They also offer their items at an affordable price.
P.S: Be ready for outfit posts!
P.P.S: I can’t post a photo coz the camera that I am using crashed (for a while)

Street Kid \m/

I want to share some of the captured photos of street signs, signals and islands but I just can’t coz my Tumblr account just won’t cooperate. I’ll post it maybe someday.
I’m done with my “photo walk”. I need to take photographs of the street signs and other traffic related stuff for our GROUP PROJECT (I am the leader that’s why I will do all the task) I decided to walk from the market place until I reached the mall. I walk and took lots of photos. HAHA! I can some by standers staring at me. LOL! They might think I’m crazy :) I walk for an hour and I decided to go home. I still need to take more photographs.

For more stories, outfit posts, sponsored posts and others Visit my blog here: http://www.misshazelann.tumblr.com



  • Being vain with my lil sis Bea.
  • I do want to try some milk tea (recommend some tea shop)
  • Bought my Baboy’s Globe Tattoo Broadband.
  • Ate some cheesy chicken hotdog. YUM!
  • Researching for news article about the bombing in Cagayan De Oro,
  • Went to BPI to pay for the shipping fee.
  • Activated Sherwin’s sim so that I can text or call him anytime.
  • Received lots of packages (from my sponsors)
  • I will make 3 progress report in Technical Report Writing,
  • Had my hair trimmed with matching full bangs.
  • Didn’t attend my friend’s birthday celebration today.
  • Started reading “Cause of Death”
  • The wind started to blow even colder.



SHE BANGS! Yay got my hair trimmed yesterday at Headliners :)


Contact lenses are one of the latest trends nowadays. I conclude that it is already a part of the fashion trend not only for ladies but also for the gentlemen. Some of my friends are fond of using contact lenses and some of them have they’re own collection of contact lenses. But, I’m not into it. I mean I don’t even use contact lens and I’m afraid to try wearing one. The truth is, I didn’t tried wearing contact lens ever since. And now, there are some news regarding the bad effects of wearing contact lens which threatens me even more.
I was searching over the internet to find some online shop offering kikay stuff. I found a page named Best Selling Sparkle Doll Eyes, they are selling a wide variety of contact lenses. I browse through their page and found the certifications I need (I’m into safety my dear). They provide the certifications buyers need to know and for the safety of their shoppers. I also searched and asked some of my friends, what brand of contact lens are they using and they told me that when it some to contact lenses, they gave their trust to Sparkle Contact Lens. QUALITY APPROVED!
I received my very first pair of contact lens on Monday. I am so psyched to try wearing it. HAHA! But I don’t know how that’s why I brought my contact lens on Tuesday and asked my friend to put the contact lens in my eyes (wasn’t able to took a picture while wearing the lenses) I wore it to try if it’s comfortable. And YES IT IS VERY COMFORTABLE! I love how the Sparkle Japanese doll (brown) looks naturally perfect!
Thank you so much to BEST SELLING SPARKLE DOLL EYES! Thank you for sending me a pair of fabulous contact lens.
Contact Number: 0906-2085333


The Total Beauty Shop is an online shop which offers different beauty and whitening products. They are selling beauty products since 2009 and since then, they are earning trust from their lovely customers. Before I asked the owner to sponsor me, I checked their facebook page, photos and even the feedbacks of their customers. Upon seeing those proofs of legitimacy and the positive feedbacks given to their shop and products, I immediately sent a message. I love how the owner answered all of my queries.
Upon receiving the package (leggings, soaps and bleaching cream) on Saturday, I am so excited to try their newest product, Flawless soap and Sutla Bleaching Cream. I am using those tandems since Saturday and I’ve been receiving some compliments regarding my skin. Yay! I’m so excited to see the full blast result of the soap and the cream :)
Thank you so much The Total Beauty Shop <3
If you want to have whiter and fairer skin, visit The Total Beauty Shop’s page : THE TOTAL BEAUTY SHOP. You can also send a message: 917-256-95-44. The shop was located at: 2316 Concepcion Tarlac.