WEEKLY WISH X Patricia Cornwell and Scarpetta Series

I wish I can collect all the books written by Patricia Cornwell, specially the Scarpetta series. My “go to place” whenever I need to buy a new book is Booksale,because they sell second hand and brand new books which are pocket friendly. I already had 3 books from the series; The Body Farm, Predator and Cause of Death *my current read and I’m in the last few chapters*
My other wish is to know Patricia Cornwell personally and I hope I can have at least one autograph from her :)

Product Review X PURE Label Mask Sheet

Stress, pollution and an unhealthy diet causes the skin to dry and make it look older. The skin in our face are more sensitive than any other parts of the body. That’s  why wrinkles and other skin issues are more visible in the face. There are times that we almost forgot to rehydrate our skin because of our busy schedules *specially now that semester is almost over, Hello to FINAL EXAMS and PROJECTS*. That’s why I’m very glad when Merryluv E- shop sent me some love :)
Merryluv E- shop is an online shop selling high class and professional brands mainly of Korean beauty products. They have a wide variety of high class Korean products such as; Tony Moly, CLIO, Etude House, Renoma, Face shop, Charmzone and  Floria Whitening Basic Line.
Product Name: PURE Label Mask Sheet. I received 5 different variants of mask sheets; White, Cucumber, Green Tea, Pomegranate and Collagen.
How To Use: Place the pack in the refrigerator or soak the pack in a bowl with ice *to make it cool!* Wash your face and dry it using a face towel. Put the mask and leave it on for 15- 20 minutes. Then, you can remove the sheet and use the remaining liquid in the pack and scrub it all over the body.
Result: After removing the mask sheet, my face felt so refreshed and hydrated. It really helped in relaxing my face specially the pores. I also used the remaining liquid and put it on my neck and arms. And YAY! for the sweet scent of all the variants, the scent is not too strong to make me sneeze. It also helps in making my face smooth.
Shop at : Merryluv E- shop (FB page) Merryluv E- shop (Ebay)