Bithday Plan

I’m turning 18 on October and I don’t have any plans of having a debut party. There are lots of reasons why I don’t want to celebrate my 18th birthday.
  • Hosting a party is expensive and time consuming.
  • I hate parties :) Yep! You read it right. I am an anti- social kid. I hate mingling with other people.
  • If I will invite my friends and classmates, I must prepare lots of alcoholic beverages.
  • Our house doesn’t have any space.
  • I want to celebrate my birthday with Sherwin, but he’s not here.
Instead of having a party, I’m planning to host a blog giveaway :) I want to give a gift instead of receiving: 3 Btw, thank you for the nerdy eyeglasses, got it from my sponsor: ARIANE’S CORNER PAGE